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9 Recent Mormon Articles Worth Reading (2/22/14 Edition)

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Here are 9 interesting recent articles written on Mormon blogs. Note that by linking to an article here, we endorse it as food for thought but don’t necessarily agree with it.

The Death of Absalom as a type of Christ at Scriptorium Blogorium

“I thought to myself, That sounds an awful lot like how Heavenly Father would grieve over the death of His Son Jesus Christ!

Morality? We can do much better than this… at The Mormon Therapist

“I do not take the critique of a standing General Authority’s position lightly – but I cannot stand silent on what I see as an extremely harmful approach to the sexual education of our members.”

Does God Forgive Evil? at Wheat & Tares

Can God forgive a man who raped, murdered, and dismembered men and young boys? Read this article and then ask yourself what you believe the atonement has the power to cleanse.

Five More LDS Church Discipline Policies That Affect Women Unequally at The Exponent

Some of these do seem rather… lopsided, no?

Why I Believe Eve’s Transgression was a Sin at Wheat & Tares

“While [the notion that Eve transgressed instead of sinned] is currently a popular viewpoint in LDS culture and teaching, I do not believe it can be called doctrine, but rather a particular interpretation of the Fall of Adam. This intepretation may help explain the mechanics of the Plan of Salvation, but I personally find that it diminishes the power of the story as an allegory for our individual lifes.”

The Value of the Creation Stories at Zelophehad’s Daughters

“One of my friends has been asking me questions about the Creation stories lately. What’s the value, she wants to know, in reading them? In their neat, tidy rendering of the world, what connection do they have to actual life here, in its complications and messiness?”

“As Far as it Is Translated Correctly…”: Varying Bible Translations and the Latter-Day Saints at Rational Faiths

“I am often asked what I think about different translations of the Bible. Latter-day Saints want to know if there are other translations that are worth using, and it is common to feel that studying anything outside of the King James Version (KJV) is somehow sinful or wrong, although not correct in the slightest. I would like to write in response to these questions and hopefully highlight how other translations are not only welcome, but also necessary, in a well-grounded study of the Bible for Latter-day Saints.”

You’ll Get the Type of Church Members You Write For: 8 Suggestions for The Ensign at By Common Consent

“I haven’t subscribed to the Ensign in over a decade. I read it a couple times a year, usually when I’m at my parents’ house, and the experience is sufficient to remind myself why I don’t subscribe, and why I don’t feel particularly guilty about it.”

Sex in Genesis: Is the Sodom Story Literal? (Part 1) and Part 2 at Worlds Without End

“When asked to substitute-teach a gospel doctrine lesson a few years ago, I discovered unexpected parallels between the Sodom and Gomorrah story and some of the stories preceding it. Upon further examination, I came to the realization that the story was probably not literal, but instead a construction based in part on two earlier stories.”

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