General Conference Talk Popularity (October 2015)

This page shows the number of Facebook likes for each conference talk from the October 2015 sessions.

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General Women's SessionDiscovering the Divinity Within
Rosemary M. Wixom
Worthy of Our Promised Blessings
Linda S. Reeves
Here to Serve a Righteous Cause
Carol F. McConkie
A Summer with Great-Aunt Rose
Dieter F. Uchtdorf
Saturday Morning SessionIt Works Wonderfully!
Dieter F. Uchtdorf
God Is at the Helm
M. Russell Ballard
The Joy of Living a Christ-Centered Life
Richard J. Maynes
Yielding Our Hearts to God
Neill F. Marriott
What Lack I Yet?
Larry R. Lawrence
The Pleasing Word of God
Francisco J. Viñas
Shipshape and Bristol Fashion: Be Temple Worthy—in Good Times and Bad Times
Quentin L. Cook
Saturday Afternoon SessionThe Sustaining of Church Officers
Henry B. Eyring
Meeting the Challenges of Today’s World
Robert D. Hales
Behold Thy Mother
Jeffrey R. Holland
It’s Never Too Early and It’s Never Too Late
Bradley D. Foster
Tested and Tempted—but Helped
Hugo Montoya
Choose the Light
Vern P. Stanfill
Turn to Him and Answers Will Come
James B. Martino
Strengthened by the Atonement of Jesus Christ
Dallin H. Oaks
General Priesthood SessionFaith Is Not by Chance, but by Choice
Neil L. Andersen
Your Next Step
Randall K. Bennett
Be Not Afraid, Only Believe
Dieter F. Uchtdorf
You Are Not Alone in the Work
Henry B. Eyring
Keep the Commandments
Thomas S. Monson
Sunday Morning SessionBe an Example and a Light
Thomas S. Monson
I Stand All Amazed
Ronald A. Rasband
Plain and Precious Truths
Gary E. Stevenson
Through God’s Eyes
Dale G. Renlund
A Plea to My Sisters
Russell M. Nelson
Let the Clarion Trumpet Sound
Gregory A. Schwitzer
That They Do Always Remember Him
Claudio R. M. Costa
The Holy Ghost as Your Companion
Henry B. Eyring
Sunday Afternoon SessionWhy the Church
D. Todd Christofferson
My Heart Pondereth Them Continually
Devin G. Durrant
Blessed and Happy Are Those Who Keep the Commandments of God
Von G. Keetch
“If Ye Love Me, Keep My Commandments”
Carole M. Stephens
Remembering in Whom We Have Trusted
Allen D. Haynie
Eyes to See and Ears to Hear
Kim B. Clark
Hold on Thy Way
Koichi Aoyagi
“Chosen to Bear Testimony of My Name”
David A. Bednar