Mormono is a multi-author LDS (aka Mormon) blog. At least, that is the ultimate goal. Right now there’s one main author and occasional guest authors. Any Mormon-related stuff that isn’t blatantly anti-Mormon is accepted and welcome. The views expressed in any given article here are not necessarily endorsed by anyone other than the author.

Does Mormono have a certain stance or agenda? Not really. Not yet, anyway.

Some might be wondering how the word “Mormono” is pronounced. Is it “more-MOAN-oh” or “more-mun-OH”? We’re not sure. How do you think it should be pronounced? We’re leaning toward saying it the first way, like you’d say it if it were a Spanish word. Use the form below to voice your opinion. The name Mormono was chosen because it was short and easy to remember. Just add an -o to Mormon.

Mormono was started by someone going by the initials PGH, who can be reached via the contact form below. Or you can shoot an email to mormonocom at gmail dot com.


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