The LDS (Mormon) Church in Kathmandu, Nepal

[Last updated November 19, 2013]

It is nearly impossible to find information about where the church meets in Kathmandu. Luckily I had a friend who had been in Nepal a year ago, and he put me in touch with a local church member who was able to give me some still very vague directions, but they were enough to help me get there.

The church meets at 10 am on Saturdays, not Sundays. Saturday is the day of rest in Nepal. The church is just off of the Ring Road northeast of central Kathmandu. I told a taxi driver to take me to Shanka Park. (Note: There might be a couple Shanka Parks in Kathmandu. This is the one on the Ring Road that’s near the embassies.) From Shanka Park, cross the street and then walk up a nondescript side road. Here’s what that side road looks like from the Shanka Park side of the Ring Road:

This is the street that the church is on.

This is the fairly nondescript side street that the church is on. View is from the south/west side of the Ring Road. Note the crosswalk and the bus stop on the left for points of reference when looking for the street.

Walk down that side street for several hundred feet. The unmarked church building will be on the left side. It has a black gate, and it comes shortly after a shop that has Pepsi markings on it. If you’re having trouble finding the exact place, just hang around until you see LDS-looking people and then follow them 🙂 There were maybe 60-70 people attending sacrament meeting when I was there.

Here’s the church’s location on a map.