Write for Mormono

Want to write for Mormono? Awesome. You can write about nearly anything Mormon-related. Did you have a major breakthrough when you were studying the scriptures last week, and you want to share it with the world? Wonderful. Do you have some thoughts about a recent devotional or conference talk? Share them here. Want to complain about some things the Church or its members should to better? You’ve come to the right place.

You can write under your real name or a pseudonym, or you can remain anonymous. It’s up to you. If you want to have a short bio at the end of your article (that maybe includes a link to your blog that Mormono readers might find interesting), you can do that.

Guidelines and Terms

We won’t publish every submission we get. What are we looking for? We’re not yet sure, but it’s kind of like porn—you know it when you see it. The Mormono editorial voice will likely become more and more pronounced as we publish more and more content.

Write up your article and submit it using the form on the About/Contact page. Your submitted article should be original, meaning that is has not been published anywhere else. After it’s been published here on Mormono, you can publish your article wherever else you want (like on your own blog or in a book you write sometime in the future, for example), but you need to specify that the article first appeared on Mormono.com. If your writing is published here, you also give us the right to reuse all or part of your article in other forms (compiled with other articles in a book or ebook, for example), without any compensation or further permission. (Don’t worry, no one gets rich off of Mormon ebooks.)