The New Testament (KJV)

How to Read the New Testament in 30 Days

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I had a goal to read the New Testament through from beginning to end during the month of January, and I did it. Here’s the one month/30-day reading schedule I used.

DayChapters# of ChaptersApprox. # of Words
1Matthew 1 to Matthew 996,348
2Matthew 10 to Matthew 1676,613
3Matthew 17 to Matthew 2376,045
4Matthew 24 to Mark 166,692
5Mark 2 to Mark 876,525
6Mark 9 to Mark 1355,272
7Mark 14 to Luke 255,915
8Luke 3 to Luke 755,655
9Luke 8 to Luke 1366,901
10Luke 14 to Luke 2076,152
11Luke 21 to Luke 2445,617
12John 1 to John 666,174
13John 7 to John 1266,536
14John 13 to John 2086,979
15John 21 to Acts 786,979
16Acts 8 to Acts 1476,545
17Acts 15 to Acts 2065,478
18Acts 21 to Acts 2887,026
19Romans 1 to Romans 885,139
20Romans 9 to 1 Corinthians 3116,308
211 Corinthians 4 to 1 Corinthians 13105,757
221 Corinthians 14 to 2 Corinthians 7105,866
232 Corinthians 8 to Galatians 6126,370
24Ephesians 1 to 1 Thessalonians 2166,039
251 Thessalonians 3 to 2 Timothy 4166,387
26Titus 1 to Hebrews 10146,412
27Hebrews 11 to 1 Peter 3116,419
281 Peter 4 to Jude 1136,338
29Revelation 1 to Revelation 12126,520
30Revelation 13 to Revelation 22105,895

More information

To come up with the reading schedule, I took the total number of words in the New Testament (186,598 words, according the KJV text file that I downloaded from Project Gutenberg) and divided that by 30 days, getting 6,220 words per day. I then went through and divided the text of the New Testament into 30 sections that were more or less 6,220 words in length. I didn’t want to break up chapters, so some of the 30 sections are longer than that and some are shorter. The shortest section was 5,139 words, and the longest was 7,026 words.

I read the New Living Translation (NLT), and it was so, so, so much better than the King James Version. I understood and learned so much more than I would have otherwise. I read it on the NLT Bible Android app, and it was great. It’s relatively pricey for an app, but it works offline. For iOS, I used the free Bible app. You can read the NLT with it, but you need a data or WiFi connection (i.e., it doesn’t work offline). You can read the NLT online for free here.

Next up? The Book of Mormon in a month.

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Image source: Flickr user gwilmore